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Joining the Rotary Club of North Mecklenburg


We’re glad you’re considering joining the Rotary Club of North Mecklenburg! Besides providing services to our community and individuals around the world, our club has fun! We’re sure that the opportunities that you have, and the events you participate with through Rotary will become some of life’s most memorable moments.

The best place to start is at one of our weekly meetings. If you already know someone in our Club, ask them to invite you to a meeting. Don’t be shy – they would love to have you! If you don’t already know a member of our Club, come to one of our meetings anyway. You’re sure to meet new friends, and someone who would probably be eager to sponsor you for membership. Next, read our “Membership Requirements” below. There, you will see what we ask of all our members, including what financial and time commitments will be required. Finally, when you’re ready, fill out your application for membership right here on our site. Following our receipt of your application, we will expediently process your application, and complete the steps necessary to confirm you as a new member of our club!

At any time, you may contact our club for more information by either emailing or calling (704) 237-0621.


Requirements for Membership in the Rotary Club
of North Mecklenburg

Membership Criteria

A) A club shall be composed of active members, each of whom shall be an adult person of good character and good business, professional and/or community reputation. Each member shall either:

1) Be engaged as a proprietor, partner, corporate officer, or manager of any worthy and recognized business or profession; or

2) Hold an important position in any worthy and recognized business, profession, or any branch or agency thereof, and have executive capacity with discretionary authority; or

3) Have retired from any position listed in sub-subsection (1) or (2) above; or

4) Be a community leader who has demonstrated through personal involvement in community affairs a commitment to service others and who abides by the Objects of Rotary including positions such as major civic or charitable agency directors, military or governmental agency leaders, ministers, school superintendents, etc.
B) The following guidelines are also given strong consideration:

1) The primary proposer of any applicant shall know the applicant, or have worked extensively through a personal or professional engagement with applicant, to adequately know the character of that individual.

2) The applicant shall currently live or work in the community, generally Mecklenburg County.

Membership Expectations

A) Attendance – Members are required to maintain a 60% attendance rate throughout the Rotary year. Attendance credit is gained primarily through weekly meetings on Wednesdays.      However, if a meeting is missed, make up opportunities are available by attending other Rotary Club meetings or completing an on-line make up session.

B) Financial – The following financial obligations are required of Rotary Members:
1) An application fee of $100 upon application.
2) Quarterly dues of $225.00, which includes all meals at each Wednesday meeting.
3) Individual donations to Rotary International. The recommended minimum is $100 per year. Donations from our current membership range from $25.00 to over $1,000.00 per year.

C) Committee Participation – Members of the Club are expected to serve on at least one committee within the club. Each committee oversees a specified segment of our club. Once membership is gained, you will learn more about committees and which is best suited for you.

D) Projects – Our Club either directly organizes, or assists with, several projects each year. As a Rotary Club member, you will be expected to volunteer your time and/or financial donations to support these projects. Each year, our club holds a Pancake Breakfast, a Golf Tournament, and a Christmas Project just to name a few.

E) Club Growth – As with any organization, we strive to grow our club by adding new members regularly. As a member of our Club, you will be expected to invite friends, family, or colleges who you believe exemplify the ideals of Rotary, and would be positive additions to our membership.

Application for Membership
Please contact our club’s membership chairperson, Chris Haley, to make application. 704-307-8598

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